Beth has been an answer to prayer!  For over two years she has been a steady voice of instruction, guidance and support. Beth seeks to protect and advance the mission of her clients. She knows her stuff I am grateful to have her as a consultant and friend.

Beth E. Chase

Is This For You?

Are you ready to stop doing what is no longer working in your life? Send me a message requesting a phone consultation free of charge. 

Darlene  Norberg

Janet Custer


I've worked collaboratively with Beth for over 20 years.  Beth is passionate about developing women leaders and empowering them to achieve both personal and corporate growth. 

I help visionary women to embrace 

their power so that they can change
​the world. 

Beth helped me to understand how my unique design impacts my work and relationships at many levels. I now know more about what I need (and do not need) to be successful as the leader of my organization. It’s very empowering.

Renee Wooten

Christina Middleton

Visionary Leadership Development Coach

Beth's coaching and teaching skills exceed all expectations. Beth's knowledge base on each topic has been so valuable for all of her clients. Beth's unassuming teaching and coaching style puts her clients at ease resulting phenomenal customer satisfaction. She makes it so easy to learn. 

Visionary Women Can Change Everything

Through executive coaching, Beth was instrumental in forming my understanding of personal wiring and executive leadership. The wisdom and insight she imparted grew my perspective and aided in problem solving and strategic planning. 

Lorraine Mazurek