Components of the Know Thyself Discovery Primed  journey include: 

  • Identifying  your DNA personality 
  • Determining what you need to be successful
  • Understanding what you need for happiness
  • Recognizing your primary strengths and vulnerabilities
  • Leaning what you need to thrive in change and stress
  • Discovering your spiritual gifts 
  • Developing your life mission statement

What Is Know Thyself Discovery Primed ?
Know Thyself Discovery Primed is a curriculum created and taught by Beth Chase, a personal and leadership development coach with over 30 years coaching experience, who helps women to understand how their unique DNA blueprint contains the secrets of their personal road map to success and happiness.

"Beth’s ability to fundamentally provide world-class coaching to leaders has positively impacted not only my line of business, but my life.  Because of her education and game-changing techniques, she has altered the definition of what it means to be a true leader." 

   ~Penny Albarado, Jacksonville, FL

Types of training and coaching to choose from: 

  • Onsite One-Day Small Group Intensive
  • LIVE Half-Day Online Group Intensive
  • Live and Online Mastery Courses   
  • Private Coaching (short/long-term)                                                               

If you are ready to stop doing what is not working in your career and relationships, ​I can help you discover what you should and should not be doing in your life. Know Thyself Discovery Course will transform your life. I promise you that Know Thyself Discover can transform your life.   ~ Beth Chase

Visionary Women Can Change Everything

"One of the most empowering journeys I've ever experienced. It was so worth the financial and time investment."  ~Renee Wooten, CEO, Options 360

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Beth Chase is a natural leadership coach. Her skills in this area excel. She worked with me through a difficult situation that resulted in the protection of our mission and saving our team. THANK YOU BETH!"

Mary Bron, Executive Director
Pregnancy Choices, Mt Vernon, WA