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I had the privilege of participating in last weekend’s Know Thyself Discovery Intensive Course alongside several pregnancy center leaders and thought I would share a little about my experience.

As a student of personality psychology in college, I love learning about personalities and how it can impact a person’s thought process and relationships. Beth’s course combines several different personality models (DiSC assessment, Change Intelligence, Love Languages and more) to help you to better understand yourself as a leader.

I had already reviewed some of these tests on their own with Beth before the course, but I learned so much about how they interact to get a better picture of my strengths and weaknesses.

1) Why people get frustrated with me. I am a fast-moving, big-picture, no-detail kind of person, so I have a tendency to feel like others on my team are moving too slowly or being too cautious in just about everything. Over the years I have learned to appreciate those who slow me down and help to create to a plan before we jump in headfirst. 

Something I learned from this course was that others often have valid reasons to become frustrated with my full-speed-ahead approach, and that there are skills I can develop to make sure I am not leaving others behind.

2) It’s okay to have weaknesses. Every leader has a personality that is inclined towards certain strengths and weaknesses, and it can sometimes seem like we are doomed to those weaknesses forever.

In fact, we can even use our weakness as an excuse to never learn those skills! (Or is that just me?) However, you can help to compensate for your weaknesses through training, special tools, and building up your team with those who excel where you don’t.

3) Some personality aspects can be learned. Speaking of learning to overcome weaknesses, Beth explained how certain characteristics can be practiced to the point of becoming a permanent part of your personality. This can even be seen directly on the DiSC assessment! Some of us had shaded portions on our DiSC that indicated we had built up learned skills that was typically outside of our personality type. This was fascinating, and in my case at least, showed how my parents had seen my inherent weaknesses and pushed me to grow in beneficial ways.

4) There is always more to learn. Going through the intensive course was like opening up a door you didn’t know was there- all of a sudden, you start seeing connections between your personality and your decision, communication and leadership styles. It seems like the more you understand, the more you realize is there to explore. 

"Beth is an amazing consultant, not just for helping out with Pregnancy Centers, but with life. She is an encourager and helps you focus on what is right and true. Put her in place as your consultant and you will achieve your goals. Beth brought me through my cancer diagnosis, treatments, and recovery as I led my organization." 

Jeanne Blanton, Shelton, WA

By Melanie Gibbs, Gibbs Consulting, Seattle, WA

Four Things I Learned in the Know Thyself Discovery Course

"I just want to send you a heartfelt thank you for all that you have been investing into us lately and particularly through the recent training. You have brought strong relief embodied in your wisdom, experience, and knowledge." 

~ Jessie Erickson

"One of the challenges of a woman working in  executive leadership for many years is finding a coach or consultant who has the wisdom and maturity to come along side you in a meaningful way.  Beth Chase was this person for me. Beth has the ability to accurately assess the big picture and then bring valuable insight and practical guidance to take you and your organization to the next level."

 ~ Sharon Brewer, West Palm Beach, FL

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"Beth’s ability to fundamentally challenge and provide world-class coaching to leaders has positively impacted not only my line of business but my life.  Because of her education and game-changing techniques, she has altered the definition of what it means to be a true leader."

~ Penny Albarado, Jacksonville, FL